Get Golden

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Get Golden makes natural energy bars with a sweet and salty mix.

Get Golden Reviews

Get Golden reviews


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3 reviews

8 months ago

Picked up the caramel bar from Popup Grocer when they first launched and it was okay. Nutritionally and calorically, it's too dense for me.

2 years ago

I really love these bars and appreciate that you can discern the different elements -- almonds! cashews! sunflower seeds! -- unlike a lot of other bars. Salty and sweet but not too sweet. The turmeric and coconut flavor is actually pretty unique in the bar world, too. I keep a couple in my work bag for days when I forget to (or don't have time to) grab lunch.


Would love to see more flavors (although maybe that's the point that there's just the one?)

a year ago

Rather bland; I expected more flavor but it's very muted. The texture is good if you like nuts. The calories are a bit high for my preferences, at nearly 270 per bar. The shipping was fast, though, and the price is okay.


Definitely needs something to enhance the flavor a bit. Maybe more salt?