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flensted mobiles designs simple and interactive mobiles.

flensted mobiles Reviews

flensted mobiles reviews


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2 reviews

2 years ago

My Flendsted mobile adds some playfulness to my office. In the spring my apartment building is surrounded by swallows diving and catching flies - this inspired me to bring swallows to my office all year round with Flensted's cute swallow mobile. The smooth swooping motion of the mobile perfectly captures the elegance of the swallows outside my window all year round, even in the winter when they migrate south. Would recommend to anyone wanting to add a little more happiness to their home.


The card isn't the hardest wearing and it fades over time.

2 years ago

Beautiful mobile! We have one hanging over our bed, and the black on white contrast, slow relaxing movements, and the way it always looks different are so relaxing. For a piece of minimal kinetic art, it is well worth the price!