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Feastables makes a clean, plant-based chocolate bar.

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Feastables reviews


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2 reviews

5 months ago

I really hope I don't get roasted for saying this, but I genuinely do not understand the hype behind these chocolate bars - except for the fact that it's Mr. Beast's brand. I'm not a Mr. Beast fan (honestly, I couldn't even tell you what he does -- I think makes youtube videos? maybe for gamers?) so I took a few chomps out of a few different bars and had nothing to cloud my judgement besides the actual taste of the chocolate. It was meh. I'd probably rather just eat a milk chocolate Hershey's bar. To each his own though - maybe the crunch from the quinoa makes a big deal for other folks!

a year ago

I really wanted to like this brand and give it a fair shot. However, I really couldn’t get behind the flavor or the consistency of the chocolate. It tastes and looks a bit chalky so I wouldn’t recommend it as a dessert - maybe as a baking ingredient it could fare better.