Factor 75

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Factor 75 offers personalized meal delivery services featuring healthy and nutritious ready-to-eat meals made by real chefs.

Factor 75 Reviews

Factor 75 reviews


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10 reviews


a month ago

The price of these will not keep me coming back. Folks it’s a microwave meal lol it’s definitely better than banquet but it is not worth $15 apiece which is what it breaks down to after tax and shipping for five meals a week. Now if that served two people per meal Then absolutely. But $15 apiece for a microwave meal when you can get a restaurant meal for that price there’s just no comparison I’m sorry. I canceled after the introductory box I just can’t with the price of it. The meals were fresh and good however but I can’t justify continuing this at regular price.

12 days ago

Good flavors - some meals are better than others (I'd say I loved about 50% of my meals, the other 50% were fine). I didn't keep the subscription going because it was a little pricey, and as others have said - they all seem to taste the same a bit after a while. But if you have the funds, these are a great way to have nutritious meals every day.


2 months ago

Factor has been one of my go-to meal delivery kits. I love the convenience of not having to cook, especially when I'm really busy. While I do enjoy some of their meals, I've noticed that the menu hardly changes and I end up eating the same things for two weeks straight. That being said, the portion sizes are perfect for me and I usually eat half for lunch and half for dinner. The price point when promotions are available is also very good. New subscribers can get 50% off their first box.

3 months ago

Tried factor for 2-3 months - stopped the subscription and would consider maybe picking it back up in the future if there weren't other options. + great if you want to outsource your meal planning and prepping + found many of the dishes fine - good (none were amazing) + app is great for ranking meals + good reminders for when you want to skip a delivery wishlist: - the meals flavors were fine, I was getting concerned about the sodium levels after a while - I wanted to adjust the delivery date and couldn't seem to do so easily via the app and/or the website

3 months ago

Tasty, healthy, no mess meals! In the long line of easy to prepare meal delivery kits enters Factor 75. The meals are tasty and the convenience to specialize them for your nutrition needs is key. Options include low calorie, high protein, keto, etc. Prices are especially favorable at the beginning with meals starting at $10 a box and continuing on with your subscription to be about $15 an entree. This is all you can ask for in a meal delivery service and the heating/serving is especially convenient. Only con : one does tire of meals out of a box eventually and variation of choices could be increased.

2 months ago

I had looked into Factor for a few months before finally biting the bullet and ordering. My goal was to make dieting easier. First the good: - Food was decent. Some entrees were very good and tasty. -App made the selection process easy. -Delivery was always on time and never had issues. -Very simplistic way of cooking (microwave), food ready in under 5 minutes. Now onto the bad. -Selection looks better than it actually is. That means they show you a ton of different entrees that look great but each week there’s only a select few you can pick from. Somewhere in the 8-12 range per week. -They use the same typical meals every week. This means maybe they’ll have chili one week, and roasted chicken. The next week they won’t have chili but you’ll see roasted chicken again. The third week you’ll see something new…but also the chicken again as an option. Makes it slightly boring. This becomes an issue when the “new” week meals are ones you don’t necessarily like - causing you to pick their repeats to fill your weekly count. -They provide premium meals for a price. So you get bored with their typicals and you don’t like the new weeks meals, but then you see a nice steak as an option - great option. But they’re going to add a few bucks on to your bill. Would much rather prefer all meals be included with no “up charge.” -Sodium content is through the roof. Be aware if you have any type of health restrictions. This could further limit the options you have to choose from -Fat content for some of the choices were insanely high. Again, be aware if you have any health or diet restrictions. Would I recommend Factor? Probably not. It isn’t necessarily bad and there are plenty meal subscription services that are much more expensive. If you want something cheap and easy, give it a shot. Otherwise. Look elsewhere.


a year ago

Discount code

I tried Factor when I had a discount code, but unlike most meal delivery services, I have continued using Factor well past the last discounted box! I have been getting factor meals for several months now, and am delighted with each new meal I try. I appreciate the amount of veggies in each meal. I wanted a meal delivery service that would be healthy, quick, and easy. I had been in a horrid habit of eating fast food several times a week, and I finally found something to replace it!

10 months ago

Perfect for when you don’t want to cook or want tasty meals. I tried about 10 meals so far and none of them disappointed. It was quality food and it was filling. Perfect if you also want to watch your calories. They have so many options it hard to decide. I don’t do this weekly but I do buy from time to time. Worth the money for convenience and quality food.