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EQUO offers a range of single-use, plastic-free drinking straws and reusable utensils.


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3 months ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

A great brand of eco-friendly products with many alternatives to single-use plastic items like straws, utensils, food containers, drinking cups...I really like their idea, business philosophy and contribution to our environment and will definitely support their products.

Sugarcane strawsCoffee strawsSugacane utensilsCoffee utensils

7 months ago

Didn’t purchase these but I have used the utensils. Beautiful appearance and they certainly make a positive eco-statement when using them. They’re what to use when your friends come for dinner but too expensive for eating yogurt out of the frig. Not as packable as the plastic stuff, nor do they work as well but somehow using them I feel more… elevated.


Love the idea even though they are not as “useful” as cheap plastic.