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Diva makes a user-friendly menstrual cup to offer a comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads.

Diva Reviews

Diva reviews


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9 reviews

6 months ago

I would give this 10 stars if I could. I've been using Diva since the start of the pandemic. I worked at grocery store at the time and the idea of reaching in my coochie to take out a tampon once a month every 2 hours seemed... dangerous. Now I can clean up in the comfort of my own home whenever I have my menses. Have I mentioned I haven't bought tampons in over 3 years. Think of the savings!!!! The clear ones do stain but if you leave it in the bathroom window to get some sun expose it'll turn clear again.

2 years ago

Diva has been around for a long time and I think they really started the change the game in reusable menstrual products. I've had and used one for years and don't think I could ever look back.

2 years ago

I have been using a Divacup for 5+ years. It has changed my monthly menstrual experience. I no longer have to deal with messy tampons and pads. It is also so much more environmentally sustainable! It lasts 12 hours so even when I’m on the road, I only need to clean it at the hotel, morning and night. You have to learn to use the cup effectively at first and it can be a bit challenging. It will be so worth it when you do!

a year ago

I love my DivaCup! I have had it for 3-4 years and it is really great. It is stained, obviously, but it is a great product and works well. My only thing is taking it out can be a pain (and sometimes messy) because of the stem. In the future, I may look for a cup that has a longer stem or loop at the bottom. There is a definite learning curve to using one of these, but I am so happy I switched to a cup. It changed my life!

2 years ago

Great product, definitely the one brand that showed me the world of sustainable period products. I've been using mine for over four years now and it's just about time to get a new one.


Clear menstrual cups tend to stain a lot more easily and Diva mainly has clear cups. For my next cup, I'm specifically looking for an opaque one to avoid this issue.

2 years ago

Worth trying, but torn as to whether these cups are actually eco friendly in the long run. I appreciate the brand mission, but concerned that the learning curve and inability to get the cup back to it's original clean, clear colour after a couple cycles will result in these ending up in the landfill again. I know many like myself who couldn't fully trust the product to protect against leaks.

2 years ago

Great eco-friendly alternative to tampons/pads. It can definitely be a learning curve when you first start but it offers a seamless solution during periods similar to tampons.

2 years ago

A definite game changer to menstrual products. I've been using it for years now and cant go back to tampons again.


Different shapes etc would be helpful. I know there are different sizes but a slightly different shape for different women would be helpful for sure. Some women have a lower or higher cervix , prolapse etc. Also as much as its worth it, it is pricey.

2 years ago

I think this product depends the user. I have very heavy periods and the Diva worked great when I was at home with access to a sink to clean the Diva as needed. At the office this was a very poor option for me. I love eco-friendly products and use this when I know I wont need to use a public bathroom. Also great for overnight protection, I have had zero issues which I cannot say is true with tampons. It may take a few tries to insert properly but it works great!