Dieux Skin

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Dieux Skin creates skin care formulas that have verified results and prices.

Dieux Skin Reviews

Dieux Skin reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Effective high-quality ingredients
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Reusable eco-friendly packaging
  • Innovative skincare solutions
  • Mild reactions to eye serum
  • Expensive product pricing
  • Inefficient product packaging
  • Occasional product unavailability

Dieux Skin is highly praised for its effective, sustainable, and innovative skincare products. Users love the high-quality ingredients and transparency in pricing. The brand's reusable eye masks are particularly popular, being easy to use, clean, and store. However, some users have reported a mild reaction to the eye serum, and others have mentioned that some products, like the Instant Angel moisturizer, can be expensive. The brand's mission and eco-conscious packaging are well-liked, but there were also some concerns about the packaging dispensing too much product at times.

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215 reviews

2 months ago

I appreciate everything this brand is doing for skincare—education, sustainability, and effectiveness. I just couldn't fall in love with their core and popular reusable eye patches though. I have used a competitor's version and found that this was very similar. I also find that I have to use a lot of eye/skin product to make it worthwhile to stick on the patches and have them stay and be somewhat effective. I also didn't see much of a difference when using. Maybe I'm doing it wrong! I'll keep trying the patches and will continue to support the brand.

5 months ago

Love their reusable eye patches. Wear them all the time - they are truly reusable. Purchasing eye patches over and over was so wasteful and started to add up in terms of cost. This solved both those problems!! Recommend for yourself and as a gift - it’s something you didn’t know you needed and once you have, you wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.

4 months ago

Instant Angel has saved my skin on Accutane. Can't get enough of the stuff. I've never had a holy grail product like this before — it's so nice to know what I'll be buying next once my tube finally runs out (another, larger tube!)

5 months ago

Loveeee Dieux's moisturizer (I used it for a bit before going back to my original Tatcha one), and I have absolutely no complaints. It comes in a very very very close second to my everyday moisturizer, and I would recommend it to all! I also love Dieux's focus on education and transparency so so much. Planning on buying the eye masks soon!

6 months ago

I've been targeted with ads from Dieux for what seems like years. I finally succumbed to social pressure and bought the Forever Eye Patches and I gotta say they are absolutely a game-changer! I love the fact that they're reusable since traditional eye masks are always packaged in single-use plastic. I use them with my own collection of eye creams and they work amazingly. I hope to try some more of their products soon!

6 months ago

I got the forever eye patch, auracle, and air angel. I LOVE the forever eye mask (10/10 recommend) I really feel like the products I use under it really sink into the skin. For auracle, I really like it so far but it does make my eyes sting a bit. I do have sensitive skin so that may be the cause, but I can’t say either way with 100% certainty. I’ve also gotten air Angel and have really liked it so far. I’m still working out what my skin likes and how to layer (I do experience pilling w this product), but it’s the exact texture I want in a moisturizer and as someone with chronic dry skin, it lasts longer than other lotions I’ve tried.

6 months ago

This is the best quality reusable mask! Thin, easy to use, easy to clean and very efficient! I am so happy that I bought this one and I did choose a more sustainable option! I can easily add moisture to my under-eyes area using this mask, and I wouldn't chose it for anything!

3 months ago

Every Dieux product I have used is great. The eye masks are easy to wash and reusable. The angel moisturizer is one of the best moisturizers out there. The eye cream is also nice but not my favorite.

4 months ago

I love everything I've used from this brand and make a point of stocking up every time they have a sale. The Deliverance serum and Instant Angel are non-negotiables in my routine, but I will instantly purchase ANYTHING they release no matter what. The eye patches are great and the eye cream pairs wonderfully with them. Definitely more expensive than drugstore and some K-Beauty, but every one of their products brings something new, special or innovative to the table. I really respect them as a brand.

5 months ago

I did a lot of research before getting a new moisturizer. This winter has been absolutely brutal on my skin and it’s giving dehydration. I heard about Dieux’s Instant Angel moisturizer and saw and read so many amazing things! But alas when I went to grab it, it was sold out. HOWEVER, I saw Air Angel was still available and I thought why not? I am so glad I did. It’s such a beautiful moisturizer. It’s just thick enough to where you feel like you’re actually getting moisture locked in and it’s smooth and light feeling once it’s on. I haven’t gotten any breakouts or irritation at all and it lasts until I wash it off. Overall I’m super happy about it and it has the potential to become my HG.

5 months ago

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Love the products so far, the eye masks are beautiful and resilient. Easy to wash and use. I'm obsessed with air angel, it just leaves my skin feeling so good and bouncy. Instant angel did not vibe with my face, but I use it for my eczema prone hands at night! It truly is expensive though

6 months ago

I've been using Instant Angel for about a month now. I find that it is a rich and effective moisturizer - crucial during the winter months. Drawbacks for me are the price, packaging (I find that the metal tube dispenses too much product at times), and smell (it's not perfumed, but it's not exactly unscented either). I intend to finish the tube, but don't know that I would rush to repurchase.

5 months ago

Friends with Dieux Skin

A friend gifted me the eye patches over a year ago, and I still use and love them! I just use them with whatever eye cream I have on hand. It's nice to have a more sustainable option than one-time use eye patches.

4 months ago

This line’s price tag made me want to hate it, but unfortunately it was so great. I’ve never used skincare that actually changed my skin texture so much. Old acne scars and everyday aging texture/dark spots started to subside just days after using this product. Now that I’m a few months in, the results are even more noticeable. This is truly a fantastic product! The Reuse-able Eye Patches are also the best eye patches on the market. They’re really durable and much more flexible and lifting than other products on the market. The best part is, I’ll never have to buy different ones. Do they dramatically change your under eye area… probably not. But they’re a run routine and I feel better using these over other comparable products.

5 months ago

Their products are awesome. Big fan!

5 months ago

Air Angel is my go-to for layering moisture, and the eye masks are a must!

2 years ago

Love these! So innovative and such a great idea & eco-friendly. Works so well, sticks so well, no complaints!