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Deja offers all-natural supplements rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda, for a healthy mind, body and gut.

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Deja reviews


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3 years ago

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Deja has changed my daily routine! I bought the Mind Balance capsules last December which came in a kit with the Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper and I've been obsessed with both products since. Love the branding and learning more about Ayurvedic rituals. Found the online quiz really interesting too. Products I've tried: Mind Balance: I'm usually terrible at taking vitamins/supplements but find Mind Balance really effective for making me feel more mindful and less anxious - perfect given I have a pretty hectic job. I don't take them every day but keep them near my coffee/tea in my apartment and take them whenever I know I'm likely to feel stressed/anxious later on. Copper tongue scraper is a GAME CHANGER. Genuinely can't go a day without using it in the mornings now: after you see the difference it makes (read: what comes off!), it's impossible to go back - feel disgusting if I forget to bring it with me or can't do it! Highly recommend trying one, I've also gifted them as presents to several friends over the past three months and everyone loves it. Love the branding and mission.


More products in the range would be great.