De La Calle!

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De La Calle makes Tepache, a fermented beverage made from organic pineapples and other spices and fruits.

De La Calle! Reviews

De La Calle! reviews


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92 reviews

21 days ago

Received a free product from De La Calle!

I've only tried two flavors from this brand, but I've liked what I've tried. My favorite of the two is the tropical flavor because the aftertaste reminds me of gummy bears. The aftertaste of the grapefruit lime one is more alcoholic in nature, but I didn't personally mind it.

3 months ago

YUM-MY! I am on a mission to try every fancy soda/bevvie on the market and these are my latest discovery and my newest favorite. I've tried 2 flavors so far and the flavor is so full and juicy—addicting! These are fizzy, not too sweet but manage to have interesting flavors and flavor combo options. Spicy pineapple is EVERYTHING. I've been cutting out alcohol this year and spicy margs were my weakness and the Pineapple Chili has been the perfect replacement for me. Next one I want to try is the spicy mango option. The branding is also on point. So fun, the cans are really eye-catching and stand out in the soda section. Price-wise, I think they're on par with a kombucha, which is a bit more expensive than a regular soda. This is worth it to me because I've been using them as a cocktail replacement which is obviously cheaper than going out. I have been craving these nonstop, I can't wait for more grocers to carry them and to try more flavors!

5 months ago

I think the packaging colors are eye catching for sure! The flavor could be slightly better, I can’t say I’ve tried every single one. Slightly a little bitter but wouldn’t say horrible. I tried the tropical as well, feel like that’s a little more bitter. Would want to try other flavors In order to better determine

2 months ago

The pineapple slice tepache is absolutely delicious. I've never had a fermented drink that tasted as uniquely good as this! Pineapple, black pepper and cinnamon taste excellent together!

10 months ago

This has been my drink of the summer! There's a few flavors I really don't like, but the others are amazing! If you like a little spicy (like a non-alc version of a spicy margarita), they have Pineapple Chili, Mango Chili, Watermelon Jalapeno and more. In the world of "healthy" soda pops out there, this drink is truly unique and delicious. Perfect for a refreshing afternoon beverage.

2 years ago

Picked this up to try the other day and was pleasantly surprised! Really cool depth of flavor that I usually don't get with my other go-to drinks like kombucha or yerba mate. Maybe not what I'd grab for an every day drink, but I really liked this!

2 years ago

I'm such a fan. I've never had tepache before but like some other reviews mentioned, it's like a less vinegary kombucha. Tamarind Citrus is sooo delightful.

2 years ago

This has a more pleasant flavor than the real tepache, clean and bright, not too sweet. I tried the original flavor and really liked it.


The price per can is a bit steep at the store

3 years ago

Different in a good way, nicely carbonated (stronger than Olipop, closer to a Pellegrino). Like the Tamarind Citrus a lot 🍍


Same question as I have to other canned bev brands: Should I take the plastic film off before recycling?

7 months ago

I honestly hated this, it is so bitter, it does definitely have a flavor but I can not tell you how disgusted I was by it.

10 months ago

So good. The pineapple flavor is my fav. Perfect with some Homestate Tacos, just saying!

2 years ago

So unique and the flavors are great! I also love the bright packaging. I love brands like this that introduce me to new flavor profiles and cultural traditions! I'm grateful that I came across this brand and learned about tepache!

7 months ago

i love de la calle’s tepache drinks! i’ve tried a handful of flavors and have enjoyed them all. they have just enough “funk” and are just sweet enough for when you’re looking for something refreshing. i haven’t tried them like that, but they seem like they would also make great mixers.

a year ago

The idea is really neat but I feel as it wasn’t properly executed the drinks I have tried seem as the flavors are just clashing. Unfortunately I think you’re better off going with something else when it comes to drinks.

a year ago

I only like the tamarind and grapefruit flavor. Those ones are so so so so good. But the other flavors are disgusting

2 years ago

So many flavors and all so delicious! The product itself as well as the flavor combinations are unique and exciting. Also a great mixer to add to alcohol!

2 years ago

I had never heard of Tepache before, and I was intrigued to try something new- sometimes kombucha can be... eh. Holy moly, this is one of my new fixation drinks. I have only found it at one grocery store here in my town, so the flavors available are limited, but the ones I've tried have been so tasty. I really enjoy drinking it and I can't wait to find other flavors!