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De La Calle makes Tepache, a fermented beverage made from organic pineapples and other spices and fruits.


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20 days ago

This has been my drink of the summer! There's a few flavors I really don't like, but the others are amazing! If you like a little spicy (like a non-alc version of a spicy margarita), they have Pineapple Chili, Mango Chili, Watermelon Jalapeno and more. In the world of "healthy" soda pops out there, this drink is truly unique and delicious. Perfect for a refreshing afternoon beverage.

a month ago

So good. The pineapple flavor is my fav. Perfect with some Homestate Tacos, just saying!

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4 months ago

I saw this brand at Target and was immediately pulled by the flavor options and packaging. I grabbed the Prickly Pear Cactus flavor and ran home. To my detriment, at first smell I was a little confused, so I smelled again and there was a hindering smell of (trigger warning) vomit. I could not describe it other than just that. Reluctant to now taste it, I am happy to report the taste does not relate. However, it was hard to drink because of the smell. I’ve been hesitant to try other flavors.

2 months ago

Just very good and refreshing drink that’s a great alternative to soda.

3 months ago

I only like the tamarind and grapefruit flavor. Those ones are so so so so good. But the other flavors are disgusting

4 months ago

This is my favorite drink company ever. I love every flavor, and the branding is fantastic.

4 months ago

Last summer I discovered Tepache and haven' t looked back. Fermented pineapple rind is where it's at. Not too sweet, all the flavors are fun and spicy. I think mango chili is my favorite but I like so many of them that it's fun to switch it up. So glad I'm seeing them in more and more stores.

a month ago

The idea is really neat but I feel as it wasn’t properly executed the drinks I have tried seem as the flavors are just clashing. Unfortunately I think you’re better off going with something else when it comes to drinks.

3 months ago

I visited Oaxaca this year and tried many traditional tepaches and honestly believe these have a better flavor while still being super authentic tepaches. I love that I can taste Mexico in this drink! The only flavor I wouldn't buy again was the Chamoy as it was pretty sickly sweet. The tamarind flavor is especially delicious as a mixer with tequila or chasing with a mezcal.