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Dang Foods makes Asian-American snacks that are plant-based with no artificial ingredients.


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8 days ago

It satisfies every craving you could possible have. It’s sweet, salty, umami, it’s great. The crunch makes it even better.

a month ago

Dang's coconut chips are one of my favorite snacks. The original is best for its lightly sweet coconut flavor and crunch. The sticky coconut rice chips are equally as addictive. For coconut lovers, this is a great snack with the added healthy fat benefits of coconut without many other ingredients.

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2 months ago

i grew up eating all kinds of rice snacks, so i love these! they are a bit pricey for what they are, but the flavors are fun and the crunch of the chip is satisfying.

sticky rice chip

3 months ago

First of all, if you haven’t listened to the How I Built This podcast episode of this brand, go listen NOW! The story about this company is really what made me like them. It definitely helps that they actually have good products with good and simple ingredients. Their packaging is so memorable and colorful, and they have such a variety of flavors.

3 months ago

I tried the Original Thai Rice Crisps. The flavor was really sublet and simple, but they had a good crunch. The ingredients are clean which is a plus!

3 months ago

WAIT THESE ARE REALLY GOOD??? I tried the original thai rice chips. It was like eating rice crispies but in disk form! They tasted better with every bite.

3 months ago

the thai rice chips have little to no flavor but the texture and crunch is ADDICTIVE. texture makes up for subtle flavor. i would try again

3 months ago

Absolutely loved these. Will be buying again. Way crunchier than competing brands. Flavor was subtle but I enjoyed it

3 months ago

I’ve never tried this brand but would buy again. I love the texture and I love the subtle flavor.