Dandelion Chocolate

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Dandelion Chocolate sells a variety of single-origin chocolate bars, baking chocolate, and hot chocolate mix.

Dandelion Chocolate Reviews

Dandelion Chocolate reviews


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4 reviews

10 days ago

Love their hot chocolate! I always get it in store in SF and decided to bring it home to try on my own. It's great and I love how that isn't too sweet and I can adjust the milkiness.

2 months ago

Tried their 3 pack. Honestly probably the best choc I''ve had, though I haven't tried other single origin choc. All 3 origins had very different flavors despite same ingredients.

3 months ago

I used to go to their location in SF! very good chocolate, I've only tried the bars but they're very good and cacao is ethically sourced.

a year ago

I tried Dandelion in their store in Las Vegas, it was amazing, the Madagascar one was my favorite! I love how they source their cacao from different small farms and pay higher prices for high quality cacao