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cocojune makes creamy probiotic plant-based yogurt, made from certified organic ingredients.

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cocojune Reviews

cocojune reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Rich, creamy texture
  • Diverse, unique flavors
  • Uses natural sweeteners
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Consistent coconut flavor
  • Insecure lid
  • High price
  • Watery texture in some products

Cocojune offers a range of plant-based yogurt products and recently introduced labneh to their lineup. Customers appreciate the rich, creamy texture and diverse flavors that the brand offers. The brand's dedication to using natural sweeteners and probiotics in their products is well received. However, the consistent coconut flavor, especially in the labneh, is not enjoyed by all. The brand's packaging is eco-friendly, but there have been complaints about the lid not staying secure. Also, some customers find the products to be a bit pricey.

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56 reviews

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9 days ago

I am OBSESSED with cocojune. The yogurt is to die for, and when I first saw the labneh I jumped up and down in the Tribeca Whole Foods. It is so rich and luxurious!! The plain flavors are my favorite, especially in the labneh. 11/10!!!

Dairy-Free YogurtCocojune Labneh

17 days ago

I ADORE Cocojune. I was a fan all throughout last year, but the recent labneh launch has truly changed my life. It is the first savoury non-dairy product I’ve found without any off notes. It is incredibly versatile and works just as well in a sauce as it does plain on a piece of toast. I can’t imagine life without their labneh — thank you SO much Cocojune! ps I like plain the best, runner up would be lemon dill. vanilla yogurt is also super yum.

Dairy-Free YogurtCocojune Labneh

3 months ago

Purchased through a Thingtesting offer

I’ve loved Cocojune’s single yogurt servings for quite awhile. There’s a very slight coconutty taste which I’ve always enjoyed and the texture is solid. My favorite non dairy yogurt on the market. However, I don’t reach for yogurt very often for breakfast or for a snack. So when I saw the BOGO for their new Labneh flavors, I had to try. I got lemon and dill and red bell pepper. I love eating middle eastern food so mixed it with some gyro, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, and grilled zucchini. It was so great! This is truly a big need on the market- a non dairy labneh option. Two small reasons for 4 instead of 5 stars. The lemon and dill has a slight coconut flavor which throws me off a bit. When you mix with things, you can’t tell, though. Second, the container is paper and starts to disintegrate real quick!

Dairy-Free YogurtCocojune Labneh

5 months ago

I mix the cocojune pure coconut cultured yogurt with truvani protein powder and it's delishhhhh. Big fan of cocojune's products.

3 months ago

Received a free product from cocojune

It definitely tastes like coconut, however if you can get past that it’s a great product. I layers the labneh with toppings and they took the strong coconut flavor away. It’s a great dairy alternative and worth buying despite the coconut flavor throughout.

Cocojune Labneh

3 months ago

Some of the best vegan yogurt, however i wish there was more protein.

Dairy-Free Yogurt

3 months ago

Have only tried the vanilla coconut yogurt, but love the flavor and thick consistency. I usually ate it plain and enjoyed it but would mix well for dairy free chia seed pudding variations or to just mix with fruit or granola. I will certainly be trying more flavors and products from this company.

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