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Chuza makes a range of spicy Mexican inspired snacks packed with flavor.

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4 months ago

PERFECT texture, perfect flavor, i don't usually like strawberries unless they're fresh, so these were blowing my mind

5 months ago

Depending on your palate, you’ll either love these or run in the opposite direction. Tried the spicy dried strawberries and they’re fantastic: sweet at first, then spicy, with a lingering aftertaste and a hint of smoke at the end. Definitely not a healthy snack, but one or two is all you need. Bonus: there’s plenty of spice left over in the bag at the end 🔥

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a year ago

This hits the sweet spot of spicy, sour, sweet, salty. I really like the texture of the fruit as well (have only tried the Spicy Mango). It's a little pricey and not as healthy as you'd have to believe because it's still dried fruit which can be a calorie bomb. I would buy it again as a nice, once in a while, healthier treat that something else I might choose to satisfy my sweet tooth but it's not something I'd buy every week at the store.