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The future of social drinking is here! Cann makes microdosed (2mg) THC-infused social drinks for a refreshing, uplifting social buzz.

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June 2019
Los Angeles, California
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High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelTasty πŸ˜‹Love the brand's mission πŸ’•
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2 months ago

So I love love the 5mg tall cans. I've tried all of the flavors of the 2mg cans, but the mgs are too low for me, and at that price, it's not economically feasible for a mellow high. The 5mg are amazing and are perfect for an afternoon buzz or to drink after you've had enough alcohol and want to chill.


Wish they were a bit more inexpensive.

High qualityTasty πŸ˜‹Love the brand's mission πŸ’•
2 months ago

Overall the taste is definitely much better than most of the competition but unfortunately, the THC is so low in these cans that you'd have to drink like 10 of them to equate to a standard gummy experience.


Increase the THC to meet market norms.

Tasty πŸ˜‹High qualityCool look & feel
2 months ago

I had the opportunity to try Cann a couple years ago and I have to say, the memory has stuck with me. I look forward to finding a way to get my hands on more sometime, but it simply tasted great and 'worked' for me as an alcohol alternative. Love the mission, branding and can't wait to see where they go!

2 months ago

LOVE CANN. A great option for social drinking that doesn't include alcohol. With its super low dosage, it is a small buzz that fades quickly and you can control. Highly recommend - love every flavor, especially Lemon Lavender. They use clean ingredients (only 5), which I appreciate. The opening is child-proof, so it takes a little more effort to crack it open, but I don't mind. Not too sweet for me either.


I hope that they roll out to more states soon!

Amazing websiteInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money πŸ’ΈLove the brand's mission πŸ’•