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Burrow is setting the new standard in furniture with innovative design, clever features, timeless style, and an obsession with experience.

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Lovely customer supportHigh qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸
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3 months ago

I owned a burrow couch because it was so difficult to get a full sized couch (that wasn't IKEA) into my tiny NYC apartment. It was fine, and totally did the trick at the time, but is nothing to write home about.

3 months ago
💼Works for Burrow

I've owned two Burrow couches, one of the "Original" sofas and a new, big Range sectional, both in fabric. The original Burrow has been through three moves (all within NYC) and the frame and hardware are still in great shape, and although the cushions are slowly starting to lose their structure, it's still perfectly comfortable. If I need to request replacement cushions, I will, but so far there's no need. In our most recent move, we got an apartment with a loft, so I moved the couch up there for video games, etc. The Sleep Kit is also pretty awesome for guests. A friend said it was the best sleep he'd ever had on a couch. The new couch, the Range, is a massive sectional we got for our new living room. We ordered it pretty recently after it came out, in November, and it was delivered the first week of February. But, we knew it would be slow, and honestly if you've ever shopped for furniture before, you know that 6 to 8 weeks is a pretty standard wait time even outside of a pandemic. So far, I love it. It's incredibly cozy to curl up in a corner and watch TV. Yesterday, hungover as hell, my girlfriend and I both curled up for basically 8 hours straight, napping here and there. Our cats try to scratch it, and eventually I'm sure they'll succeed, but so far the fabric has held up to their claws. I love the modern look, and though it's not for everyone, it's definitely one of my favorite pieces of furniture.


I would love to see Burrow invest more in sustainability efforts. I know furniture is a tough problem to solve, because basically all foams and cushions are petroleum-based, but it feels like there's some room for improvement. I'm glad that the packaging, at least, is plastic-free.

Innovative productLovely customer supportHigh qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Eco-friendly packaging
4 months ago

The quality of the fabric and material is great for the price. We bought the cream color - it has held up great to stains and is easy to clean with an upholstery cleaner. The couch assembles in just a few minutes (with no tools!) and arrives in giant boxes at your doorstep. We bought The Sleeper Kit and guests have only had good things to say about how comfortable sleeping on the couch was. Our neighbors bought the leather version of the couch, and wow...just wow. The leather is so soft and buttery.


Wouldnt mind seeing a cool accent chair.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Cool look & feelWorks really well
3 months ago

Home improvement was on the forefront of everyones minds in 2020, you know, after fearing for our lives re: pandemic. Like many people, first on my list was purchasing a new sofa, aka where I would spend most of the following year. TLDR; Burrow is an upgraded IKEA that I would recommend to anyone currently under the age of 29 with plans to move several times in the near future. Unfortunately for this 35 year old who has lived in my current apartment for 11 years and is an and out of physical therapy more than I am dating apps (married for 4 years), Burrow was a disaster. Positives—super quick and easy ordering process, incredible customer service (and I was sort of a lot to deal with), and well made FABRIC with a nice hand (feel when you touch it) and easy to work with any interior design choices. I cannot stress enough how responsive and amazing customer service was with our situation though. Negatives—it's basically a crapshoot if the modular pieces actually fit together. We went through 7 pieces total before we found 3 that sort of worked well together. 7 HUGE boxes delivered to my 3 floor walk up apartment. Not only are the boxes huge, you can only ship the pieces back in the boxes they were sent in. After 4 weeks of back and forth and multiple new pieces sent we ended up with a sofa that doesn't actually fit together perfectly (one part sits an inch higher) and it creaks when my 24 pound dog walks across it. Could our situation have been a fluke? Yes. Did we get the quality we paid for, absolutely. If you're looking for a forever sofa, this is not it.


I'd recommend that Burrow take the extra step to ensure that the modular pieces they are sending (atleast for the first item you order) fit together correctly. It takes about 15 minutes to put the furniture together which could possibly save the company a lot of money in shipping if they did it ahead of time at the warehouse.

Innovative productCool look & feelLovely customer support