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Buddha Board makes makes a compact water-based painting kit.


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3 months ago

I love Buddha Board. It's such a fun, relaxing, and zen activity. It really helps me when I'm feeling an anxiety attack coming on. Some people love fidget toys but, for me, I love the quiet meditation of using a Buddha Board. I think this would be great gifts if you have someone who loves painting even though this is temporary, water-based art.

6 months ago

There's something about this that I really love - the impermanence of life exemplified in very short-lived impermanence of art. And yet perhaps I'm not quite as enlightened as all that, as I got bored with this pretty quickly.

10 months ago

it works exactly as advertised but once the initial fun wears off, you're left wondering why you bought this in the first place. The slate dries very quickly and so your water painting lasts a minute if that.

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a year ago

I like the idea of the fleeting drawings and doodles but I don’t know…?


After the initial novelty wore off, I didn’t use it again. So I don’t think it’s a particularly thoughtful use of resources or space but I can see that it might be fun for a child perhaps? But again, I wonder how quickly the novelty would wear out.

a year ago

It's fun to use but not sure what the advantage is over a white board or pen and paper. Can be a nice gift/doodle toy, but is often hard to get the right amount of water for the doodle to show up.

a year ago

It’s a cool idea, and is fun to play with for a couple of minutes, but I don’t see myself using this in the future. Not really worth the money. Quality construction but not sure I entirely understand the concept

a year ago

This is a unique way to make fleeting designs. However, like others mentioned the novelty wears off quickly. I was a bit disappointed with how quickly the images dried and also how quickly the water storage section evaporates. I found myself constantly needing to refill and gave up quickly.


Would like to see the drawings last a bit longer and for the water to store a bit longer before evaporating.