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Bristle offers an at-home oral microbiome test kit to help users measure, understand, and improve their oral health.


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a year ago

The testing was straightforward and easy! I was relieved to hear my results and useful ways to improve my overall health.

a year ago

I'm a huge preventative healthcare nut and Bristle is a gamechanger! Growing up in a family of doctors, I've long known that the oral microbiome = key to understanding the health of my mouth and beyond. Amazing to finally be able to track and understand this stuff!

a year ago

Bristle is an amazing product. It was quick to order, easy to use, and my results came back rapidly in a broken down overview. I really liked that the microbiome breakdown was hyper specific to me and didn’t feel like a boilerplate write up like some other testing kits I’ve used in the past. I’m into proactively owning and changing my health and for $99 this was a no brainer. I had no clue that dental hygiene impacted so many other areas.

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a year ago

Tells me strains, not good recommendations, I don’t see any reason I would subscribe

a year ago

Bristle is an incredible product! Super easy to use. The fact that I can get a comprehensive oral health test done, without leaving my home or having to see a dentist, is a game changer! Bristle has made me more aware of how important oral health is, and I am healthier for it!


I love this product and think they do a phenomenal job. I hope they expand beyond dental one day.

a year ago

Family of employee

Easy to use with simple instructions - informative feedback on my oral biome and how to improve to minimize chronic diseases that run in family.


Keep adding insights on how diet and treatments can balance biome for preventative medical health - and how often to see dentist -