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Bourii makes plant-powered multi-purpose body oils, formulated using Ayurvedic principles.

Bourii Reviews

Bourii reviews


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5 reviews

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a month ago

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I use the Calming Pitta oil all over my body and also for breathing exercises. It is great on my skin, it absorbs naturally without leaving my skin feeling oily. However, the skin remains hydrated for hours. The smell is soothing, reminds me of luxurious spa parlors. Highly recommended. The packaging looked great and smelt great. Unfortunately I had to pay custom fees to receive my product, as indicated in the T&C but it was worth it.

Calming Pitta All-over oil

10 months ago

I am a 67 year old woman who has been suffering from very very dry skin. And I am so lucky to have come across Bouri. The Vata oil with its supple natural aroma made a big difference. I use it every day all over. Not only it makes me feel calm. The itchiness and dry skin is less and less. I love this oil. And this as well as being sustainable and eco friendly that matters to me immensely. Thank you Bouri.

10 months ago

I love the way the oils feel in the skin. They are so nice after a shower, I apply them with my skin yet humid to feel the moisture effect. Today I used Pitta, I feel its scent gives me happiness, joy and light. I test it also with the breathing audio exercise of the website. The sensation during breathwork was mind focus, divinity and calm. And the sensation after breathwork is richness of self love, a bit cooling nose but full of focus and calm energy. Thank you for the experience!

10 months ago

My Pitta and Kapha oil arrived beautifully packaged and had scent profile cards with each bottle that walks you through the scents and how they affect your mood. And there are also associated breathing exercises for each oil! I love using Kapha in the morning to wake me up and Pitta after work as it’s really calming and helps me wind down after a stressful day. It soaks easily into the skin and it feels amazing!! Perfect products <3


Feels like you are at the spa at home!

10 months ago

Love love love the Vata body oil! I have extremely dry skin and this oil is super hydrating and leaves me glowy. I’m quite sensitive to strong scents but this one isn’t overpowering so I can use it at bedtime and the aromatherapeutic blend is so relaxing and sends me straight to sleep.