Blackbird Foods

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Blackbird Foods is an artisanal producer of plant-based pizza, seitan, and wings.

Blackbird Foods Reviews

Blackbird Foods reviews


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3 reviews

4 months ago

SO so good, I love their products. A bit expensive, but I guess groceries just are expensive at the moment.

a year ago

Picked up the kale & mushroom pizza at my local grocery store last month when it was on sale. When I tell you that the pizza was perfect right out the box. There was no smashed toppings that got shook down to the bottom of the wrapper (you know what I mean). The pizza baked really nicely. Crispy crispy crust and crispy crispy kale too. It was too good. I will say that the non-sale price makes me hesitant ot repurchase it. $10 vs, $12 and those two bucks might just push it over the edge. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 Regrardless of the price, the taste and quality is enough for five stars