Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy offers a smart bird feeder connected to a mobile app to notify you of bird visitors and capture their photos.

Bird Buddy Reviews

Bird Buddy reviews


78% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • High-quality photos and videos
  • Accurate bird species identification
  • Ability to share bird sightings
  • Connects users with nature
  • Difficult setup process
  • Unattractive feeder design
  • Lack of conventional perch
  • Poor customer service

Bird Buddy is a feeder with integrated camera that provides a close-up view of birds in your backyard, which users find enjoyable and interesting. Its strong points include high-quality photos and videos, accurate bird species identification, and the ability to share and connect with others. However, there are some issues with the product. Some users reported difficulties in setting up the device, particularly with pairing the feeder to their phones via Bluetooth. There are also complaints about the feeder design being unattractive to birds and the lack of a conventional perch space. Additionally, the company's customer service is said to be unresponsive and difficult to reach.

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