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Better Booch is premium small craft kombucha that is brewed and canned in Los Angeles. Find Better Booch at 4,000+ retailers in the US.

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Los Angeles, CA
Trey Lockerbie
Ashleigh Lockerbie
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About Better Booch
At Better Booch, we believe that the healthiest choice should be easy to make. We use premium teas and expert brewers to make it happen.
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Better Booch

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High qualityCool look & feelWorks really wellTasty πŸ˜‹Worth the money πŸ’Έ
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13 days ago

Better Booch is the kombucha I would love to have in my fridge at all times. A crowd-pleaser. When people come over and I casually offer this to my guests they are more than pleasantly surprised. This is the booch for booch-lovers, booch-newbies, and booch-ambivalenters. It's much less vinegar-y than many other brands and the aluminum can is great for on-the-go.

Tasty πŸ˜‹High quality
13 days ago

I have been a kombucha lover for 10 years- and love the growth in this market. Such an amazing beverage and I have reaped so many benefits- specifically around gut health! Better Booch has really impressed me with their flavors and the beverage as a whole. I really like that their kombucha is a little less bubbly than GTs, it has smaller, lighter bubbles- which I think makes it more drinkable...and a less obvious kombucha scoby (the little sluggy thing at the bottom of most kombucha that really are living probiotics- but still like gross and stringy). Flavor wise- I have tried the Morning Glory and Golden Pear and like both a lot- sophisticated flavors with just enough sweetness. I would chose this brand over GTs but maybe not over HealthAde!


Feels like a big bottle and you cant reseal it- so you kind of have to drink the whole thing which is a bit much for me. But I appreciate aluminum and its recyclability!

Tasty πŸ˜‹
2 months ago

This hard kombucha is 7% alcohol, yet tastes very juicy, smooth, and bright! You wouldn't think anything of its higher alcohol content based on the taste, which mirrors high quality kombuchas that are <1.5% alcohol content. Would purchase again and really loved the flavors. Love that there's no added sugar as well!

High qualityTasty πŸ˜‹
2 months ago

I love these drinks! Branding is fun, it tastes great, and it's affordable! Great kombucha option

Tasty πŸ˜‹
3 months ago

I've tried so many kombuchas and I gotta say it: this is my absolute favorite one. The balance of flavors, the bubbliness, even the packaging, all 5/5. Was bummed to see that they were out of stock as I'm eager to drink a few (a whole lot) more.


Um make more pls (seriously, no notes)

Tasty πŸ˜‹High qualityCool look & feelWorks really wellWorth the money πŸ’Έ
4 months ago

Hands down great kombucha. I've gotten a lot of this through Imperfect Foods but when I see them in store, I always grab a couple. They're crowdpleasers when I offer to friends when they come over and they're refreshing.