Baroncini Olive Oil

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Baroncini Olive Oil sells a natural olive oil made to cook with or drizzle over dishes.

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Baroncini Olive Oil Reviews

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5 months ago

Favorite olive oil! Love that it comes in a large can. Always find it at my Roma Market in Pasadena.

8 months ago

This olive oil has so much flavor and is so delicious you could drink it straight. Tastes beautiful massaged into a kale salad, as a bread dip, over salmon, etc. Note that this is definitely not a cooking oil and should only be used to top food; cooking a good quality oil will only degrade the health benefits and it will not taste as good (won't taste BAD, just won't taste like it's meant to). With that said, though the price is a little steep upfront at $70 shipping included, one case of this will last you several months and as such I believe it's a good price. I am just about to purchase my 3rd. :)


I don't like using an oil decanter because olive oil should be stored away from light and heat (and decanters are hard to clean), so I just try to pour it straight from the can. The pouring spout is awfully messy and annoying. Until the can is about halfway empty it's impossible not to spill the oil everywhere.