AWSM Sauce

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AWSM Sauce makes powder-based sauces delivered to your door in a reusable container.

AWSM Sauce Reviews

AWSM Sauce reviews


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3 reviews

6 months ago

Great ketchup taste! I was shocked at how good the packet was, and how easy it was to assemble.

10 months ago

Received a free product from AWSM Sauce

I wanted to fall in love with this so much. I do a fair amount of camping, backpacking, and travel and when I saw this product I was really excited by the concept. A small dehydrated pouch that I can reconstitute at camp or in transit to save on weight/potential mess?! Sold! Unfortunately (and this is kinda my fault for not looking closer at the product before ordering) the pouch is *huge* and makes something like 1/2 cup of sauce at a time. Which is way too much. The sauce also comes out a bit gritty if you follow their recommendation to add the powder and water to a jar and shake. You really have to let it sit and rehydrate for a while. Im not sure who this product is really a good fit for. I feel like while I get what they're going for (reducing shipping emissions, etc), the sizing is a big miss for a certain type of person who might only want a couple of tablespoons of sauce at a time. They ingredients are fine but the format just doesn't work for me.

2 years ago

Invested in AWSM Sauce

This is SUPER cool and tastes amazing. at first its shocking that it mixes perfectly but then its fun and there is so much variability and opportunity to customize.


Squeeze bottle would be really cool.