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Alto Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to your door while also acting as a full-service, online pharmacist.

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2 months ago

started off strong, but now they don’t respond to messages in a timely manner, it takes more than 20 minutes to speak to anyone on the phone, and they are often out of meds. It seems like they get people hooked on the service and then have been cutting costs to make investors happy. frankly it’s easier to go to your local Walgreens.

2 years ago

SO FREAKING CONVENIENT. My doctor recommended it. I signed up for it in the office, and I got my meds to my door the next day. Plus they add a caramel that’s delicious.

a year ago

Such a convenient service! Once I leave my doctor's office, they send my prescription to the pharmacy and I'm (often) able to get my prescription delivered to my door the same day. They also include a delicious caramel in every order.


The bottles are difficult to open (compared to the ones at CVS). The cap's height is too short and it has a weird hand feel; the ridges on the cap are too thick; the cap is on "too tight".

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2 years ago

Stick to Walgreens or whatever your corner drugstore is! This was such a terrible experience I asked to have my account deleted. The price was exponentially more expensive (usually $40 at Walgreens, $400+ on Alto) and I would get it so much later than when I actually needed it. Some things just don't need to be disrupted!


Considering the fact that I CCPA'd my account because I thought it was such a miserable experience, just shut down the whole business. It was really awful and when you're dealing with insurance, pharmacies, medication, etc. the experience is already challenging and stressful, no need to add to it.

2 years ago

Works for Alto Pharmacy

Worked here. Fraud, Waste & Abuse. They hire people with a kind heart who actually care about others health and then proceed to break them. Most employees get stuck with having to internally struggle with doing what's morally right or to adherence by consistently changing faulty metrics and shady deals, lies & billing. Changed the after call work to 2 minutes to help you and then expect us to move on. They will terminate you if you voice your concerns too loudly, and the onboarding contract includes so many red flags and nda agreements that have you feel trapped after the fact. In addition the "at will" policy is practically null since they implement verbal & written warnings using lattice. They never miss a chance to break the law in whatever way possible and cover it up like it's perfectly fine. I would avoid this sinking ship. Even the former CEO of JUUL left the company to go back to chobani... it's mortifying.


Shut it down.