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Aavia makes an app that reminds you to take your birth control pill on time, every time.

Aavia Reviews

Aavia reviews


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4 reviews

a year ago

The theory is cool, but the execution of the product was missed. I was super excited to try but the app kept logging me out and would not work no matter how many times I tried to log in. Also, I didn’t expect the case to be so big. If carrying your bc is a pain, the Aavia case just makes it even worse. As badly as I wanted it to work, it just didn’t.

2 years ago

The Aavia app is more than just birth control tracking. It's about overall HORMONE HEALTH and learning how to navigate/be aware of those changes in your body. I can't recommended this app enough to those who want more insights on how their hormone levels impact their everyday life!

2 years ago

I love this app! I always fill it out at the end of the day. It gives me a visual of my mood and that visual helps me to see things in a different perspective. This really helps with my mental health. I also love the insight ideas the app provides based on my mood for the day.

2 years ago

The Aavia app does not work. It resets each day, forgetting any data from previous days. Because it forgets all data, it does not send reminders at all to take birth control, which is the only point of this app. Before discovering this, I had ordered a case for over $30. Aavia touts that if they don't make your life easier in 30 days, you get a full refund. I have now reached out to Aavia via chat in app, Instagram, Twitter, email, and phone to request a refund and have heard nothing back at all in over a week. I am ready to dispute this charge with my bank.


Literally everything. App functionality, customer service, communication, etc.