May 20, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted a platform that helps you grow plants at home, vitamin-packed toothpaste in biodegradable tubes, and a weighted, 100% recyclable razor.

Four of our fourteen brands spotted launched this week. First is Bask, a clean, reef-safe sunscreen brand available in lotions and sprays. Hiyo, a new tonic drink made with organic adaptogens and natural nootropics (more on those here). Then there's a body skin-focused brand called Soft Services. Lastly, Eadem, a skincare brand founded by women of color, for women of color and a winner of Glossier's grant program for Black-owned businesses.

Down the food aisle, we noticed Last Crumb, maker of luxury cookies that ship nationwide, Nowadays, a plant-based nuggets brand developed with uncomplicated ingredients, and Smallhold, mushrooms grown in local minifarms.

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