March 11, 2021:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted design-forward lockboxes, keratin treatments you can do at home, and handmade books created to collect stories and memories for loved ones.

It was a busy week for food brands as well. We noticed Umamicart, an online grocery service for Asian food, and Anyday, a microwave cookware brand from Steph Chen and Chef David Chang of Momofuku fame. Launched yesterday, Anyday is Chang's most recent foray into selling food stuffs and supplies online. He's also behind his restaurant's spice line, appropriately called Momofuku.

Jenny Gyllander


The first-ever lockable storage box that is food-safe, multipurpose, and super stylish.


Typology was born with a mission: to demystify the science of skincare.


The at-home formaldehyde-free keratin treatment that eliminates frizz for six glorious weeks.


Online grocery store delivering hundreds of your favorite Asian products and ingredients.

Molly J.

Handmade luxury CBD confections to help take the edge off after a long day.


An Afropolitan eyewear brand. Custom-fit eyewear products driven by facial measurements using a selfie camera and parametric design.


Microwave cookware for every meal, any day. Dish up delicious meals with a side of free time.


Bubbles infused with organic tea, botanicals & fruit extracts.

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