Because he's worth it: Meet the modern skincare brands for men

Direct-to-consumer skincare brands are paying more attention to the needs of male consumers

Sarah Drumm
Launched in late 2019, Disco's range features a collection of simple skincare products aimed at men

First there were the subscription shaving brands, then there were the friendly on-demand viagra companies. Following the success of these businesses in targeting the specific health and wellness needs of men, skincare companies that target blokes are now also seeing a boost.

Reportlinker estimates that by 2026, the global men's skincare market will be valued at $16.6bn. China alone is expected to account for at least $2.8bn of sales in this market by 2025, according to Mintel, while Reuters reports that at least 10 new men’s skincare brands launched on Alibaba and’s platforms in 2020.

Raphael Babalola, the co-founder of Temple, a skincare and supplements brand for men of colour launched in October 2020, says men are now actively seeking out information on skincare routines for themselves. “That initially started with men being more conscious about what they do when it comes to shaving – that's why we saw companies like Dollar Shave Club and Harry's explode,” he says. “It’s then trickled down. [Men] are realising it’s all good and well having a really nice beard or a clean shave, but the quality of your skin and what’s happening under the beard is important, too.”

Temple joins the men’s skincare market alongside other young brands such as Ceylon (launched 2018), Hetime (launched 2020), Huron (2019) and Disco. Compared to skincare brands targeting women, this crop of companies tends to lean towards more playful, humorous branding, while messaging typically emphasises affordability, simplicity and assurances that the products do what they say they will.

Raphael says the pandemic, and the fact many people are spending a lot more time at home, has helped to shine further light on this category. “It's forced everyone to take a step back. People are more conscious about their health, and that can be the health of their skin, and what we’re doing with our bodies.”

12 skincare brands targeting men


Honour yourself. Temple has created natural, powerful skincare products and daily supplements specifically for men of colour.


Premium care for the premium man? Curated by experts, Lumin has created an essential line of skin, body and hair products for men.


Ceylon makes scientifically-backed skin-care products for men with pigmented skin.


Helping you look out for the guy in the mirror with A+ products built by industry veterans.


ASYSTEM creates powerful, natural products to help you look, feel and perform your best.


Skincare for Men Who Care. Science backed, vegan skincare line for men formulated with an Ivy-league dermatologist.


Men's skincare reinvented. Geologie makes premium, personalized skin care for men.


Shampoos, oils, serums & treatments for men's everyday use.


This is skincare for the modern man—or anyone who wants softer, smoother skin and a calming new ritual. Vegan + follows EU regulations.


Fun, effective, approachable skincare? HETIME is all about promoting self care positivity for men.


Stryx is building cosmetics and skincare from the ground up for men.

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