October 13th, 2022:

Brands spotted

Supertester Chloe F. spotted three new brands included in this week's roundup: Symbol Audio, a brand making vinyl storage cabinets and record player stands, Adùn, a line of ready-to-eat, African-inspired frozen meals, and Transcendence, a brand making specialty coffee blends.

When I noticed Andrew, our Product Designer, submitted Fatboy, I was immediately transported back to my childhood and knew I needed to highlight the moment. In 2007, the brand collaborated with Marimekko (also spotted by Andrew) on a beanbag and I was obsessed. I never got my hands on one, but with the resurfacing of the brand into our directory, I might just have to.

Seven of this week's nine brands were spotted by our community. Know any interesting brands we should have on our radar? Submit them here.