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Symbol Audio makes collections of vinyl storage cabinets and record player stands.

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Symbol Audio reviews


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a year ago

We purchased the very expensive 51" AERO Sonos cabinet and waited 22 weeks. We chose the natural walnut front finish with jet black finish for the top. The cabinet is beautiful, but we recently noticed numerous scratches on the top. We are baffled as to what caused the scratches (2 adults, no pets). Given that this very expensive piece of furniture is marketed and advertised to be used and not just admired, we are very upset with the quality of the finish that was used on the top. We contacted Mary, the Customer Relations Director. Although she responded quickly which I appreciate, the only option we were given would cost us an additional $325.00. It's a shame we spent thousands of dollars, and the company isn't willing to stand behind their product. BEWARE if you are thinking of purchasing this cabinet, do not place anything on the top!


Honestly $325.00 isn't a lot of money when you spent almost $5k but on the other hand we invested a lot of money in this product, and we expected better.