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Yellow Beauty creates quality skincare products that are formulated with turmeric.

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7 months ago


I used this brand when it first came out (YLLO was the name, it was a Kickstarter business) and tested the Tumeric Scrub and Face Mask in the original brown bag packaging. It felt nice, the formula was gentle on my body and my face but the issue was the actual residue that did not go away. It was advertised with a slight caution that the product may stain, but after a good wash the colour would disappear... It did not. My face was stained a visible yellow tint and so were parts on my body. After scrubbing off with a facial cloth and loofa (which contributed to much more of the exfoliation than the products did) there were still very apparent tints of yellow on my skin. However, the trouble continued when I went to bed and woke up with obvious slight-yellow tints on my sheets, then same pattern throughout the week when I wore white/light coloured shirts. The actual product, aside from staining issues, was pretty plain to me (much like a normal gentle mask/scrub duo). Also want to note that I also tested the turmeric face oil which left a slight yellow tint (significantly less than the scrub) on my skin but had no issues in being transferred onto light coloured materials. That being said, after the trauma from the scrub, I only used it sparingly and at night time - washed off in the morning. **Added a photo showing screenshot of their past email newsletter as proof for my obscure review**


I hope that their formula have since improved from my experience with the brand in it's early stages. I do like the concept of using turmeric powered skincare but the staining is the big issue.

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Jia S's review of Yellow Beauty
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10 months ago


I bought the Glow Dust Facial Mask from Yellow Beauty, and I love how clean and smooth my skin feels afterward! I use this once weekly and have noticed brighter skin and a more even complexion. I love that I can support a small brand with such a great mission and one that keeps me connected to my cultural roots as well.


The mask comes in powder form in a small bag, so mixing the powder into a paste and application can get messy. The powder contains turmeric, and while it's not strong enough to stain skin or surfaces, it can come off on fabric.

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