YELLA Activewear

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Yella Activewear makes a collection of sustainable activewear for men and women.

YELLA Activewear Reviews

YELLA Activewear reviews


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4 reviews

2 years ago

I can't say enough great things about YELLA! I'm someone who moves in a ton of different ways - hiking, running, boxing, pilates/barre, HIIT, dance - and my Yella set is perfect for all of them. The fabric is amazingly soft & durable at the same time, and the quality of my set is incredible (not to mention, extremely cute design). You can tell a lot of thought went into the making of this clothing with all of the small details (reflectivity, breathability, design, etc) that make big differences when wearing & moving. I also love how they lead their business/production with conscious and ethical decisions centered around mindfulness and mental health. Such a fan!!!

2 years ago

Love their products. The quality is great! Super soft, breathable and comfortable. The design looks super chic, I always get compliments :)

2 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this brand. The quality is phenomenal and the products were super supportive. I felt confident and comfortable in everything I wore and with so many activewear brands out there, I truly believe Yella is unique! The founder is also amazing :) 12/10 recommend!

2 years ago

I love the men's set of shorts and workout top. The material is phenomenal, helping me to sweat less, and even when I do sweat, it evaporates pretty quickly, making me feel confident to wear it in all temperatures. I wear these items to workout in and for everyday use as they are so comfortable and good for working out! The pockets are great in the shorts, especially the one for my cell phone or iPod when I'm on a run.


The only improvement I would recommend for future shorts, is having a flap in the front of the shorts for when I use the restroom to make that a little easier.