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Worthy makes a range of eco-friendly, refillable drink bottles from sugarcane.

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Worthy reviews


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7 months ago

Worthy of a good review... Love a good sustainable and socially conscious purchase. I have the blue steel striped drink bottle. Purchased mid-2021. It holds the liquid it needs too…? (I’m not too sure what to write in a review about a drink bottle). I am a water lover (the quench your thirst type) so always a big fan of drink bottles. I like the click sound it makes when I open and shut it – the satisfying sound is probably just a me thing. I do have to keep mine upright as it has leaked a little. Could be a lid fault, I’m not sure as I haven’t needed to purchase another. My metal lunch box does not go well with the sugarcane drink bottle though, so it now has scratches all over it but still good. Sometimes 2 sustainable things are not best friends. I have had a glass bottle previously, but it broke, so the sugarcane bottle is more clumsy friendly. I like the idea that you can buy replacement lids or make a design statement, I guess. I confess I am terrible at cleaning my drink bottles. But looks like it would be easy to clean due to its simple design and removable lid. They seem to be expanding their range and often participate in sales like black Friday and company birthday sales so keep your eye out for them if you wish to purchase. Stay hydrated pals