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Woolino makes a range of sleepwear essentials for babies using natural, premium wool.

Woolino Reviews

Woolino reviews


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9 reviews

9 months ago

Compared to any other sleep sack the Woolino wins: one size for 2-24 months (saves a lot of money!), and the quality is unparalleled. I've washed it so many times and it still feels like new. The wool is super breathable and really does work in all seasons. I have nothing but good things to say. This is a very nice gift to any new parent! 💖

2 years ago

I have no problem spending more on a product if it means saving more money in the long run. Almost $100 for a sleep sack? But considering that most sleep sacks, you have to purchase every few months, and these last for up to 2 years old- it actually saves you money. It's made well and it washes well. We wash it all the time, and there's no pilling or shedding or damage in the slightest. It's easy to put on and off and it definitely signals to my daughter that it's time to sleep.

6 months ago

I have only used the sleep sacks but they are amazing. They are the best ones I have tried. Thick but doesn’t make your baby sweaty. After MANY washes they hold up impeccably. I am not a huge fan of the ones with the snaps at the shoulders, I preferred the ones that were specifically sized. You have to buy more when they grow out of them, but I think it’s better than having all of that extra fabric.

2 years ago

We have a woolino that we have been using for over a year. This is by far the best baby wearable blanket out there. I love that we can use it year round without having to worry about overheating. My son is soon outgrowing his first one and I will be buying another one in a bigger size. I wash this 1x a week and it still looks brand new. 100% worth it.



2 years ago

Love!!! I had been looking for sleep sacks for my baby and came across Woolino as a frequently recommended option for transitioning from the Snoo. The most expensive option, but they sold me on it fitting him as he got older. My son loved it from the very beginning, and it made his adjustment really easy. Since then I bought another size up, and I just bought one with feet for when we go to the toddler bed. (A bonus of this sleep sack is he can’t climb out of the crib with it on, so we’ve delayed transitioning). I realize now I’ve spent a lot of money at this company lol.


I wish they had cuter prints. I just keep buying the stripes, but other brands have really cute prints. Or I generally buy plain muted colors, so that would be an amazing option. I was just looking for toddler quilts and wanted to buy one from them, but their prints are just terrible so I ended up buying from another company.

2 years ago

Just spend the money on these sleepsacks instead of trying to get 4 of any other brand. They are SO worth it and make great gifts. They keep babies the perfect temperature.

a year ago

After purchasing a few different brands this sleeping bag is the best for my baby. it's Warm, and soft and has been washed over and over again and it still looks new. I have used this since my baby was 6 months and he still uses it at 13 months.

a year ago

Favorite sleep sack for my little one. Used it with both of my kids until they were 2 1/2. Soft, comfortable and cute prints.