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Wool and the Gang offers yarns and kits to inspire people to create their own clothes.



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4 days ago

I love how approachable and fresh Wool and the Gang has made knitting. The instructions are easy to follow, and if anything ever was even slightly challenging I found their video content to be super helpful. Admittedly I am still working on the same sweater that I started knitting in 2021.... but that's not on them :D Pics to follow! P.S. I think this is a very nice gift to both beginners and hard-core knitters!

5 months ago

Sold these yarns in my shop years ago and they were really lovely - great texture, colors, sizes. So nice to see updated yarn branding!

3 months ago

great quality yarns, fun patterns and easy to follow instructions and youtube videos. On the priceir side tho.

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4 months ago

Pricey, but really cute patterns and the yarns and needles they send with the kits are great quality. Has frequent sales :) Quick shipping!

a year ago

I know absolutely nothing about knitting, but I got these for friends. They gave me positive feedback about the quality of the yarn and have already knitted up some fun projects with it :)

2 years ago

I reallllly like the yarns that they have available. I'm a very beginner knitter - only know how to do a basic stitch for a scarf, but there are a lot of beautiful yarns!

a year ago

I learned how to knit during the pandemic using a kit from Wool & the Gang! I still needed some additional help besides the instructions to get started, but they offer videos with good support as well. It's so satisfying to finish a project and have something I can really use that I know I made myself.

a year ago

They make difficult tasks really easy for me and actually help me make my own scarf. Not only that, their wools are high quality and stylish in colors. They help me explore knitting and expand further.

a year ago

LOVE WATG! I've purchased a few kits and materials before. High quality yarn always, kits are descriptive and informative so you don't feel lost on a knitting project, and customer service is fab! It's certainly marketed towards new knitters. A lot of the kits come with knitting needles and after some time, you don't need to buy another size of the same needles and so patterns and yarn are typically more affordable than a kit. The brand also offers lots of YouTube tutorials on kits, knitting styles/patterns, and more! There's tons of different kits from sweaters, to tops, to shoes, to scarves, to totes and more! I think these can make great gifts also :)

a year ago

Me and my friends played this when we first got to college and wanted a way to get to know each other better. It was pretty interesting and a good way to just start conversation. Most of the cards would just start us talking and we’d spend half hour talking about each card.


Maybe order them as you’ll get a pretty deep question and then something weird or unrelated