Winx Health (f.k.a. Stix)

4.9 48 Reviews

Winx Health (formerly known as Stix) is the sexual and vaginal health hub that brings together education and problem-solving products, like at-home tests and treatments for UTIs and yeast infections.

Winx Health (f.k.a. Stix) reviews

Reviews mention

  • Effective female-focused health products
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Fast, accurate pregnancy tests
  • High-quality probiotics for balance
  • Probiotic pills are large
  • Product received expired through amazon
  • Brand not fda approved
  • Lack of noticeable difference in short-term

Stix is a female-focused brand with a range of health products. Many users find its probiotic and pregnancy tests easy to use, effective, and convenient. However, some users reported issues with the size of the probiotic pills, and there was an instance of expired products being received through Amazon.

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