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Willow offers a fully mobile wearable breast pump.

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Willow reviews


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a year ago

I had such high hopes for the Willow and I wanted to love this pump so much. I have two babies now (6 months + 2 years old) and I've tested many different pumps. (Spectra, Baby Buddha, Willow, Haakaa, and a Lasinoh hand pump.) I used the Willow at the very beginning of the breastfeeding journey with both kids, but quit once it was clear a supply was established. Before I had my first baby I was a huge admirer of the company, in that "Oh of course it took a woman to design a hands-free pump." But ultimately this is a SUPER expensive product and it seems to work for some people, but I really resonate with a lot of the other negative reviews I see elsewhere on other sites. Pros: -Portable -Very gentle (which is a pro at the beginning of breastfeeding but quickly becomes a con, see below) Cons: -A very weak pump. Every time I've gone back to the trusty Spectra because it is more consistent and less finicky. -Most expensive one I've found ($500 + the cost of bags if you're using them... An extra $50 if you get the reusable inserts.) -Not quiet enough to wear during a meeting -Leaks if you aren't sitting normally (no unloading dishwasher, ha)


Way too expensive, ineffective, naturally a bad return policy because they could not resell this product