Who Gives a Crap

4.5 283 Reviews

Who Gives a Crap makes recycled toilet paper with unique designs using bamboo.

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Who Gives a Crap Reviews

Who Gives a Crap reviews

Reviews mention

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Charitable business model
  • Convenient home delivery
  • Recyclable creative packaging
  • Inconsistent toilet paper texture
  • Higher pricing
  • Excessive subscription deliveries
  • Occasional quality variations

Who Gives a Crap is widely recognized for its eco-friendly products and charitable mission. However, customers have raised concerns over the toilet paper's inconsistent texture and the brand's higher pricing.

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a month ago

I love not having to think about going to the store and buying toilet paper. This subscription has been going for me since 2019 I believe and I would not change it for the world. The ease of a set it and forget it subscription is great for me. The toilet paper in my opinion is great. It doesn't come apart and leave residue which is the most important part for me.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

6 days ago

A small way to make a big difference .. what a great initiative . I can’t understand why anyone would leave a low star review. Wish more companies would be this charitable

Recycled Toilet Paper

6 days ago

Good quality stuff. Saving the planet one sheet at a time is important to me! Prefer the bamboo to the recycled tp. Appreciate the loo building, etc, for others. Prompt shipping. Emails have a sense of humor. Easy to change subscription, delivery date, choice of products.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

7 days ago

Nice product, great communication. Buy good to do good!

Bamboo Toilet PaperForest Friendly Tissues

7 days ago

I feel like this is an easy way to help the planet. The toilet paper is strong but soft. The individually wrapped rolls are nice, but I do think it should be optional because that is a lot of paper.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

12 days ago

Excellent products, fair price, fast shipping, silly toilet humor, charitable donation with purchase...what's not to like?

Bamboo Toilet PaperForest Friendly Paper TowelsForest Friendly Tissues

13 days ago

Always a happy day when our who gives a crap delivery arrives. We buy toilet tissue, tissue boxes and paper towels. Not only a true green company but they also give 50% of profits to provide sanitation around the globe. This a great ethical company to buy from - please support.

Recycled Toilet PaperForest Friendly Paper TowelsForest Friendly Tissues

14 days ago

The toilet paper is soft and strong. Each roll lasts ages because there's double the amount of paper compared to a standard roll. They're wrapped in paper and not plastic. And the company is ethical and contributes to society. What's not to love?!

Bamboo Toilet Paper

15 days ago

Love the concept, customer service, ease of ordering and delivery.... however; the toilet paper itself even the premium, is a bit rough. I ordered the hugest box based on the sparkling reviews and turns out 4/5 family members refuse to use it! Sigh, so it appears I'll be roughing it out solo for the next year or so with my mountain of rough toilet paper because I loathe to waste a thing! haha so it's all good but highly unlikely to continue subscription or reorder.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

18 days ago

I love this toilet paper! And am so glad to not be contributing to deforestation. I go with the bamboo and it works better than the Charmin I used all my life. Try it-your bum will be happy!

Bamboo Toilet Paper