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Washland makes all natural strips of detergent, offering an innovative, plastic-free alternative to liquid laundry detergent or pods.

Washland Reviews

Washland reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

Easy to use and made my clothes clean. No real options for scent. Also, I used this as a switch from eco laundry pods, which offer a "small loads" option. With a small kid at home, we often have small loads to run, and I hate using a full detergent pod or sheet on a small load of laundry. With this I only had the one sheet option, which makes me feel like it would be better for someone without kids who is doing only full loads of laundry.


I wish the sheet was perforated so I could use sections for small loads of laundry. Also, the storage box fell apart immediately, so it would be nice to have a more solid container to keep the sheets in.

a year ago

While they did a great job of cleaning my clothes, they didn't leave any fresh scent behind. As someone who loves a good-smelling laundry basket, I was a little disappointed. However, I do appreciate the eco-friendly packaging and the convenience of the sheets.


Overall, it's okay but I'll probably opt for something with a better scent next time. 🧼🧺 Please introduce a scented option!

2 years ago

As a subscriber, I am pleasantly surprised by how effective these are. Seriously, why has no one thought of this before? These are a fantastic idea and have worked wonderfully in our home. I totally love these.