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Velty sells a premium decaf coffee blend using therapeutic ingredients designed to nurture the mind and gut.


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3 months ago

Friends with Velty

As someone with a caffeine sensitivity, finding a decaf coffee that delivers both on taste AND values can be quite challenging. I'm so glad to have discovered Velty! Despite being decaf and instant, it doesn't compromise on flavor or mouthfeel. I've ordered the single-serve packs which were great for trial, but I upgraded to the multi-serving pouch since I drink on a daily basis.

10 months ago

So good! Delicious, functional, convenient and uncaffeinated. I'm so glad this product exists.

8 months ago

I received the gift tin of Velty, and have to say...the packaging is beautiful - no need to wrap! I love the gold serving spoon that came with it as well. The product inside is exceptional. I'm so glad I have an uncaffinated beverage that also includes additives to boost my overall health. Your product is clearly very thoughtfully designed and produced, and best of all ... Delicious! I've enjoyed it both hot and iced and it has become my go-to beverage. Thank you!