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Uqora creates products designed to treat urinary tract infections and keep your urinary tract healthy.

Uqora Reviews

Uqora reviews


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5 reviews

7 months ago

This is my second month on Uqora. I suffer from multiple UTIs a year, and when you do, you try everything under the sun. Yes, these could be at a lower price point to cater to all levels of customers — but we live on Earth. A planet full of consumers. And when your sole customer is coming to you due to painful symptoms, you can charge whatever you like. Welcome to Earth. If anything it's forced me to become more mindful of my symptoms and not jump to calling teledoc for another round of antibiotics or some AZO tablets. Their customer service is surprisingly great. They make it clear that you can cancel or adjust your subscription whenever and speak to a team member via online chat, email or text message. Overall, I'm going to continue to use all three products that come with my subscription.

2 years ago

Absolutely love Uqora and their mission. Their products helped me so much while recovering from an imbedded, reoccuring UTI. Especially a fan of the Target drink mix, it's so easy to drink and tasty, and helps flush your system without having to drink a ton of water.

10 months ago

It really makes me angry that this company is gauging people in a difficult situation. They are making the choice to charge exorbitant costs when they do not have to. They could choose to charge less and allow more people to get the help they need. This is a selfish company. Shame on all of you.

3 years ago

The products are well made and do provide some relief, but I found they are unable to prohibit UTI or BV from happening or resolve them fully when they do occur.