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Tricot makes knitwear basics from high-quality recycled and virgin wools.

Tricot Reviews

Tricot reviews


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4 reviews

3 years ago

I received a Tricot sweater as a gift, so I can't speak to the purchasing experience, but the product quality impressed me. The sweaters are so, so soft and feel very well-made, though I haven't worn mine enough to gauge its durability.

2 years ago

I received my red recycled cashmere sweater a few months ago. And I want to congratulate the brand for the quality of their sweater it looks nice with every outfit. Few month later my sweater is till in perfect shape. The cut, the color and the quality is really nice. My sweater has been with me all winter and I'm thinking of buying another one to wear this summer. I recommend 100%, I had some questions before buying it and the knitting team accompanied me all along the choice of my sweater and even gave me advice afterwards for the maintenance. Congratulations to you!


Nothing to improve or maybe more recycled cashmere models

2 years ago

Très bien, les pulls sont doux et de très bonne qualité. Le prix est abordable pour une jeune marque de cachemire recyclé, surtout pour une telle douceur. Je recommande vraiment


D'un point de vue client, l'expérience d'achat est simple et efficace

2 years ago

The worst sweater I ever bought. Terrible quality cashmere, not soft, pills, super overpriced. I paid $200 for a sweater that should be maybe $40 and which I don't even want. I threw it away after wearing it a few times. I wish I had not bought it. big mistake


Better cashmere. Better cuts. Tailoring. The website is high quality the sweaters are NOT!