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Tip Top Cocktails creates delicious and personalized cocktails in cans.


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10 days ago

I love these tip top cocktails. Especially the manhattan and negroni. The margarita isn't balanced but it's definitely boozy and gets the job done I will say that haha! But really, it's nice to have a canned cocktail that's just a lil single serving.


3 months ago

I’m not sure how I feel about the espresso martini … I had or on my delta flight and it was extremely strong. I did like the flavor …great if you want to get drunk quickly lol. ‘ My flight attendant mixed it with some Irish cream to make it more tolerable

a month ago

I've tried a ton of canned cocktails but none compare to what Tip Top is putting out. The tiny can is adorable and the strength & taste of whats inside satisfies every time. My favorites are the daiquiri, bee's knees and negroni. Its also fun that they're small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or purse so you can just pull out a cocktail anytime.

daiquirinegronibee's knees

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2 years ago

These canned cocktails get the job done, coming in at what I would expect a mid-level bar to provide -- not the best you've had, but totally passable, which for the convenience makes it a buy for me. The negroni is a bit too sweet, but the margarita and old fashioned are good options.


All three cocktails I tried, the negroni, margarita and old fashioned, have a trace of something artificial tasting about them. But for a canned cocktail, not in a way that deterred enjoyment much.

8 months ago

My husband is obsessed with canned cocktails. We've tried Tip Top and Post Meridiem and I definitely prefer Post Meridiem. Tip Top is fine but find the PM has better taste overall.

a year ago

Easily the best and most authentic canned cocktail I've found.