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Early childhood nutrition company building a healthier generation of adventurous eaters with vegetable-first foods for babies and toddlers.

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October 2019
New York, NY
Betsy Fore
Sofia Laurell
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About Tiny Organics
Shape the palates of a generation to prefer and love vegetables from the earliest days, ensuring children grow up to live their healthiest, happiest lives and prevent chronic diseases later in life.
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Tiny Organics

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12 days ago

STAY Away! My grandson was on Little Spoon and developed a great palate for different types of food . When he turned 1 , I thought I’d try Tiny Organic. He won’t eat Anything! This is a child who eats kale, beets,spinach etc. He will take a bite spits it out. I contacted TO who Refused a refund even if I sent back food, my cost! The food is ALOT smaller then how it looks in pics. The food was frozen solid that took a week to defrost in frig. Food tasted freezer burned. Stay away from a company that doesn’t stand behind their product. No refund stated could take 10-15 attempts before childs palate adjusts?! He eats everything but their food! Little Spoon is the best! I will return to their food, you get more as well


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Difficult returns