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Tiny Health offers personalized gut health testing for babies and kids.

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Tiny Health reviews


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a year ago

I'd rate this company 10/10! My son did not have any major concerns, but as a mom I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I possibly could for his future health. The insights Tiny Health provided into my son's gut microbiome health were invaluable. I was lucky to have a vaginal birth with no interventions, and I'm still breastfeeding at 18 months. However, despite this, my son's gut had some areas of concern. He only had 49% beneficial bacteria, and also had high levels of an unfriendly microbe that can be associated with T1D later in life. The Action Plan in my son's report was clear and easy to understand, and there is so much valuable information on the report that I feel like I am learning something new every time I re-read it. I also opted to have a consult call with one of their experts. I started him on one of the recommended probiotics and also implemented dietary changes. I signed up for the subscription and I'm excited to monitor how these actions will impact my son's gut microbiome. I also learned you have so much more ability to positively impact gut health during the first 1000 days, so time is of the essence- don't wait to test if you're thinking about it!