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TheraBreath offers oral care products made from pure, natural ingredients that are not only safer to use but also work better

TheraBreath Reviews

TheraBreath reviews


88% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

9 reviews

2 months ago

Bad breath? Kick it to the curb!!! This stuff really works! Have also used the mints and they are great.

5 months ago

This mouthwash cost a bit more than other national brands on the market but it stands out in quality and performance. I buy their orange bottle which has all the benefits of a mouth; it taste really refreshing and it does not dry my mouth afterwards. It’s smooth, pleasant in taste, and most importantly, Therabreath stops bad breath!

4 months ago


Nothing but positive things to say about this brand! Genuinely amazing product, does everything it claims, keeps breath fresh for hours! I get the light blue bottle (invigorating icy mint) and love it! Have been using for years and don’t plan to stop!

5 months ago

This is the only oral care brand I will be using for the rest of my life. That’s all I have to say.

5 months ago

Received a free product from TheraBreath

Absolutely love this mouthwash , it doesn’t burn like others do and it’s not gritty like some mouthwashes can be . It leaves my mouth feeling refreshed!

7 months ago

I read that TheraBreath was recommended as the best alternative for dry mouth so I gave it a shot. It definitely helps dry mouth and is a great, non-alcohol-based natural mouthwash. It works well and I like it a lot but the flavor isn't my favorite and I still go back to more "flavorful" mouthwashes when I see them on sale. However, I still highly recommend TheraBreath.

8 months ago

Therabreath mouthwash is really good and woukd be an elite option if Listerine didn't exist. But Listerine does exist, so Therabreath is an excellent backup in the event of a Listerine shortage.

7 months ago

Received a free product from TheraBreath

I like therabreath, I like that it does not burn and does not have a bad taste, but I just feel like it did not help my breath that much and without the burn I felt like it did not get bacteria out of my mouth. it definitely does the job though, just not for the price.

7 months ago

love that it's non alc + super effective. can confirm that my breath is less stanky <3 the whitening one is my favorite because it's the mintiest feeling and i use it before i brush my teeth since i use sensodyne (can't wash that out).