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The Yuzu Co. makes a tart juice to mix in cocktails or any type of beverage.



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a month ago

My local noodle at sells this brand and oh my goodness so delicious. I’m not one to order a drink at a restaurant, I’ll usually just drink water, but it’s perfect and better than any generic drink you can get. Also, I’m sure you can put it in a fancy glass and make it a yummy mock tail.

22 days ago

I love these. It’s so hard to find good Yuzu drinks. I used them for cocktails and desserts. Also love the packaging.

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24 days ago

Big yuzo fan, i love the brand offer and how it can incorporate the flavor in a variety of drinks

5 months ago

Received a free product from YUZUCO

My friends and I brought this on a weekend away and found so many fun ways to mix it into cocktails and different meals. The greatest hits: Sushi night– cocktail: sake, gin, yuzu, simple syrup, herbal tea, soda water. mixed with soy sauce for sushi Poolside cocktail– frozen Tequila, orange juice, yuzu, soda water Caesar-style vegan dressing I appreciate that a little really does go a long way here.


I understand the super yuzu juice is more potent, but once mixed into a drink or dressing, I could not taste the difference between the two.

3 months ago

the perfect drink to keep for cocktails and dressings! I always have a bottle on hand for those moments when you need that perfect tart! Love how clean the ingredients are for all the products!!

3 months ago

I love Yuzu Co! The juice is so delicious and I love baking with the concentrate to make Yuzu Carrot Cake/Muffins.

5 months ago

I was hesitant at first about this but I honestly feel like it feels like a really fresh product. Perfect for any dressings and it's great on it's own with cocktails. The super yuzu juice is perfect for a quick cocktail and the 100% yuzu juice is incredible in small amounts on anything from a marinade, cocktail, dressing, the list goes on!

2 months ago

I love yuzu - so for everyone who also loves yuzu or is yuzu curious - this is a gorgeous drink to use for a tart unique splash in an otherwise boring sparkling water. Good alternative to a bitter for non drinkers!