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The Reformation offers sustainable women's clothing and accessories to celebrate the feminine figure.

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14 days ago

The clothes are always on sale. There’s no reason to ever buy full priced Reformation. The quality is decent but I recommend sizing up. I don’t buy their whole sustainability front.


25 days ago

Complicated, very tricky. The designs are lovely and flattering, but you really have to check piece by piece for quality and value. Sometimes you're being uncharged for synthetic fabrics, sometimes you're being sold thin and poor quality silk. Other times it's a fabulous top, dress, or pants that you'll have forever. Their jeans and "jeans" line tops are criminally underrated.

23 days ago

Their clothes are so pretty and I love that they’re sustainable, but run small and the fit is difficult. I’ve sort of given up, unfortunately. I wish I could wear their clothes! I do recommend giving them a try—and ordering up a size.

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a month ago

I am a Reformation girlie. I love all of their dress styles and they are one of the few brands that their styles, cuts and sizes fit me consistently. Some pieces can be a little $$$ but good to know that they're environmentally friendly so I'd rather spend the extra money knowing it's doing some good. There customer service - both online and in stores - has always been lovely and efficient too. Can't say I've ever had a bad experience with their brand!

7 days ago

As a mid size (14-18) person this brand has not been suitable for me. The Extended sizes are fare more basic and limited. I really love some of their pieces, I just wish I could wear them.

24 days ago

I have one dress from here and it has lasted me many wears. I’ve heard different opinions depending on the type of item but I love their dresses.


3 months ago

Absolutely love the style of their pieces. You have to size up! I’ll only buy their stuff second hand because it is WAY too expensive for wha my it is.

2 months ago

I have several pieces from Reformation purchased from the Austin South Congress store location and they are timeless and so well made. My favorite is a white high-neck, sleeveless, loose-fitting sweater tank that goes with everything and has lasted several seasons even with washing at home; it was about $80. The real star though is the store layout and digital fitting room system. When you go into the fitting room there is a touch screen mounted on the wall where you can browse items, select your size, and send a request for a salesperson to bring it to you. The reasons I loved this experience are because: - It keeps the store floor and hangers super curated and not overrun with every size available, so the clothing really has a chance to standout - Seeing and selecting the clothing from the digital screen in the dressing room showcases what the item looks like on models and fully styled, so it's more helpful than just seeing it on the hanger. - My friend and I also liked how if a size isn't available in the store, they use the system to see if it works for you to get it sent to your home address or another store to try on. Overall, it was a unique experience that we had to get used to but ended it really enjoying and were wishing it could be incorporated elsewhere.

Austin Reformation Location

a month ago

They have such good styles, and the clothing is sustainable. I do wish it wasn’t that such a high price point, but I do understand.

5 months ago

Obsessed with this brand, but the price point is very high. Perfect dresses for weddings & special occassions