Teatis creates powder tea mixes using brown seaweed extract and all natural ingredients to support low blood sugar levels.

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North America
July 2017
August 2021
New York, U.S.
Hiroshi Takatoh
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About Teatis
Teatis is a low-sugar brand of superfood powders and mixes that contain 100% real food sugar blockers. Crafted by a team of doctors and nutrition specialists, Teatis’ line of products is extensively tested for diabetic-friendly diets and overall disease management. Teatis was founded by serial entrepreneur Hiroshi Takatoh, who after losing his ex-wife to cancer, sought a way to improve access and nutrition for consumers who lack time and cooking skills to effectively manage their health. Teatis’ unique powders are flavorful and invigorating, and can be made into teas and lattes, or added to smoothies. For more information and to purchase Teatis online, visit at teatismeal.com.
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