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Tappan sells curated artwork online that is created by rising artists.


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a year ago

Love the selection of art. It feels worth investing in and adds so much more personality than your average print.


Your experience partially depends on your budget!

2 years ago

Purchased a beautiful Gia Coppola print from Tappan. As someone interested in starting a "collection" of art, I always start my search on Tappan and love the way they're curated a unique mix of emerging artists and actually offer pieces at an affordable price point.

2 years ago

I’m interested in collecting more art, and Tappan was the first place I went to have a browse. My first pieces I’ve collected are colorful, limited edition prints of abstract works by Marleigh Culver. I was happy with the quality of the prints, and think the curation of art and artists is great. Everything is relatively affordable, of course. I also love learning about the artists and their process through the interviews. I now have a growing wishlist of art from Tappan...


A wider range of prices particularly on the lower end for maximum accessibility. :)